Monday, February 28, 2011


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--- Today I have posted historical chart of Sensex and we will compare it with Nifty for our target of 20000 in year 2020.
1) Sensex made high of 6150 in Feb 2000... and Nifty made high of 6350 in Jan 2008.
2)Then sensex made low of 2594 in Sept 2001...and Nifty made low of 2250 in Oct 2008.
3)Sensex made again high of 6250 in Jan 2004...and Nifty again made high of 6339 in Nov 2010.
4)Then Sensex made low of 4227 in May 2004....and Nifty had made low of 5177 so far in Feb 2011.
5)Sensex again crossed the 6000 level in Nov 2004....and most importantly it never came back below 6000 after that. So if you beleive that history is likely to repeat in Nifty then this is the last chance to get entry in to our market below 6000 in Nifty.
6) After crossing the 6000 level in Nov 2004 Sensex made a high of around 21000 in Jan 2008 in almost 4 years only....let us hope same happens to Nifty in next 9 years.

----Please note that this article will be of help for long term investors only.
wish you all happy investing.
-Dr.Jignesh Shah.