Thursday, March 6, 2008

nifty is also my patient

Everybody must be wondering why a doctor is doing so much of analysis of nifty.

I study nifty in so much detail is I consider it as an alternate to investment.

That's why nifty is also a patient for me.As a doctor we have practice of going for lot many reports before coming for a final diagnosis and line of treatment, same way i study all the details of nifty before coming for final conclusion.
So I feel that one should study all data regarding nifty before taking a call like technical analysis, derivative data, fii & mut fund data for taking call on nifty.

Nifty is a unique patient also as it comes with everyday with new symptoms and we get everyday new diagnosis.
I follow the policy that I am confirm of a dignosis then & then I take the case of nifty I refer it to others to in a I feel that dignosis of trend is important in taking care of nifty!!!!

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