Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Nifty is in uptrend and is correcting downwards.
Fibo.supports are 4253,4164,4076 of 4540-3790.
Target of 4500 achieved and above it target remains at 4700. We may go higher also.
****Nifty**** ~ July 29~
Nifty july future premium increased to 9 points. Open interest increased by 12 lacs today. (new long --- bullish)
***Options**** July 29~
Nifty call options add 20 lacs and put options shed 12 lacs in open interest. Thus open interest put-call ratio decreased to 1.25.(bearish)

********Fund flow*** ~July 25~
~FII index fut – 1166 cr
~FII stock fut – 885 cr
~FII cash -546cr
~Mut cash -33 cr
*******total fund flow -2630 cr today & nifty was down by 122 points.
********Fund flow*** ~July 28~
~FII index fut –322cr
~FII stock fut – 214cr
~FII cash -637 cr
~Mut cash +204 cr
*******total fund flow -969 cr today & still nifty was up by 19 points.
*******So far net fund flow of +5644 cr in July series.
******* Net fund flow of -8071 cr in June series.
happy trading and investing.
-dr.jignesh shah