Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I received a comment like this from 'veer'
--Dear Doctor,The positional strategy for nifty as per your three ema system is long whereas here you are saying neutral. Could you pls explain for education purpose.

my clarification is as follows---
***mechanical trading sytem****
--positional stategy which we discussed here is based on my old mechanical trading sytem which includes 3dSMA, 8dSMA, 34dSMA and 3 dayhigh and 3 day low averages.
--this system is for positional traders and works on closing basis.
--it is usefull for part-time traders and short term investors with positional traders.
****real time trading sytem****
---the new trading system of our new blog is based on three averages.
---it is for real time trading and usefull only to full-time traders.
---here stoploss works on real time basis.