Monday, July 27, 2009


********Positional strategy for nifty—
---IDEAL STRATEGY— HOLD LONG. (Initiated at 4233 closing)
---Do not hold long if closes below—4430.
--- Do not hold short if closes above —4556.
--- Visit the page to understand how to implement positional strategy during trading hours………..


--Nifty July future premium decreased to 7 points so cost of carry decreased.
--Nifty open interest increased by 9 lacs suggests short addition. (Total OI now at 2.81cr)
--Nifty calls added 8 lacs and puts added 17 lacs in open interest.
--Nifty open interest put-call ratio is at 1.30.
--4400 puts had open interest of 43 lacs and 4700 calls had open interest of 38 lacs, so 4400 and 4700 will be important levels to watch for.
--India VIX closed at 36.47, increased by 7% suggests instability.